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HealthWise at 5 From 2.28

  • Herpes HIV

A new study shows HIV patients who receive treatment for their herpes infection had lower levels of HIV in their system. Researchers studied over 100 women infected with both HIV and herpes. Some received medication to treat herpes, the rest of the group took placebo pills. They found the women who were treated for herpes had a significant decrease in the amount of HIV cells in their body and the benefit appeared to get stronger with time. Researchers are calling for more studies into the herpes HIV link. People infected with herpes have a threefold increased risk of getting HIV.

  • Bicep Curls

Doing a few Bicep curls before getting your annual flu shot just might boost your immune system's response to the vaccine. An English study at the University of Birmingham had college students do arm exercises, then get a flu shot. Blood samples taken over the next 5 months showed increased levels of antibodies especially in women. It's unclear whether the antibodies could really help protect a person against the flu but researchers say it can't hurt to exercise anyway.

  • Kids and Dogs

Man's best friend should not be considered friendly enough to play alone with children according to two British researchers. In a review for doctors, researchers say dog maulings are a serious problem with 250 thousand children treated for dog bites every year in the united kingdom. The review suggests children should be taught not to tease dogs or approach an unfamiliar dog. It goes on further to say children should first let a dog sniff them before petting it and they should be supervised when playing with dogs. Another British pediatrician says dog owners should have to take mandatory classes about the responsibility of owning a dog. 

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