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NewsChannel 11 Takes A Closer Look At Lubbock Crime

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Crime can occur anywhere in Lubbock, but as with every city across the country, there are some places in the Hub City where criminals are more likely to strike.  

"Every city across the nation has the same type of crime problems we do.  I'd say your most common types of crimes are your thefts and your vehicle burglaries," Lt. Scott Hudgens with the Lubbock Police Department said. 

Last year, thieves broke into 4,145 cars in Lubbock.  166 of those happened in reporting district 33.  That's the neighborhood between University, Interstate 27, South Loop 289, and 50th Street.  Donovan Buckley has lived in district 33 for years, and says he's seen it happen. 

"Car sitting there, we were in the garage, robbed," Buckley said. 

Here's a look at the top ten reporting districts for car burglaries in 2006:
district 33 = 166
district 36 = 162
district 12 = 137
district 37 = 107
district 64 = 105
district 69 = 105
district 39 = 90
district 14 = 88
district 16 = 86
district 03 = 84

Click here for a larger version of the crime zones map. Please note: file requires Acrobat to open.  File is also large and may take a few minutes to open.

Several of these areas have large shopping districts.  Lubbock police say that can make tempting targets for would be burglars. 

"It's anywhere where there might be a large gathering of vehicles in one place, sporting events, even household parties.  That's not to say we haven't had vehicle burglaries occur in neighborhoods," Lt. Hudgens said. 

Now, let's take a look at stolen vehicles.  In 2006, 944 Lubbockites reported their cars stolen, 42 were taken from district 3.  That's in central Lubbock, between 34th and 19th Streets, University and Avenue Q.  

Here's a look at the top ten reporting districts for stolen vehicles in 2006:
district 03 = 42
district 12 = 39
district 33 = 38
district 14 = 35
district 37 = 32
district 17 = 25
district 11A = 23
district 30 = 23
district 02B = 22
district 11B = 22

Compare those districts to the areas that lead the pack in car burglaries, and you'll see some of the same neighborhoods.  

So, how can you protect your car?  Car alarms are an option, but so many go off every day that sometimes people ignore them.  Lt. Hudgens says that if you're in a large parking lot, park in a well lit areas, close to the business, where more people will walk by.  That way, the chance of someone seeing something suspicious is greater.

Now, let's take a look at your home.  Lubbockites reported 2,619 burglaries in 2006.  159 of those happened in district 3.  That's the same place where the most cars were stolen.  district 33 came in second with 141 reports.  District 33 also had the largest number of car burglaries. 

Here's a look at the top ten reporting districts for burglaries in 2006:
district 03 = 159
district 33 = 141
district 14 = 93
district 15 = 88
district 02B = 82
district 17 = 78
district 19 = 78
district 40 = 72
district 18 = 71
district 12 = 65

Shane Kuhn has lived in district 33 for three and a half years. 

"Does it surprise you that in 2006, this area was one of the highest for burglaries and robberies," NewsChannel 11 asked. 

"It doesn't surprise me, just knowing the wide variety of people that live here, in terms of how a mix goes, as far as high income people to low income people. All different races," Kuhn said.

Lubbock police say your neighbors can be your best defense. 

"Any part of the city, people can benefit by joining neighborhood associations," Lt. Hudgens said.  

"I think we look out for each others homes pretty well," Kuhn said. 

We also informed Kuhn that his neighborhood, once again makes the top list, this time the number one spot for robberies in 2006.  Police responded to 378 and 42 of those happened in district 33. 

"There are pockets where its worse than others, I don't know why this is, it seems things seems contains in those areas pretty well," Kuhn said.   

Here's a look at the top ten reporting districts for robberies in 2006
district 33 = 42
district 12 = 19
district 03 = 17
district 53 = 15
district 08 = 13
district 14 = 13
district 09 = 12
district 11B = 12
district 32 = 11
district 36 = 11

Police say there may be a reason why there are areas where statistically, it's more likely to happen, and those areas will change over time. 

"Crime migrates, due to construction, new construction of neighborhoods, the demolition of older houses, and just shifting populations patterns," Lt. Hudgens said.  

Districts 3, 12, 14, and 33 were in the top ten areas for each crime we checked. 

"Do you feel safe in this neighborhood?"  asked NewsChannel 11.

"I myself feel safe, I mean maybe my property and my possessions aren't safe, but I'm safe," Buckley said. 

Lubbock Police monitor reporting districts and the number of crimes reported in each one, but Lt. Hudgens says crime can happen anywhere, so just because you didn't find your neighborhood listed in our report, that doesn't mean you can't become a victim there.

Click here to visit the National Crime Prevention Council's web site.

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