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The Ear Lifts: Does It Work?

Does your pierced ear hole sag? Mine does and I can't wear heavy jewelry for fear my lobe will snap in half!   

But a product called The Ear Lifts promises it can make the hole no longer sag when you're wearing heavy earrings.  For $10, Does It Work?

You get 60 invisible ear lobe tapes.  It takes only one to work.  Just put it on the back of your ear and insert the earring like you normally do.   After I did that, the hole was still saggy with the earring in it.  Although better, it was still saggy.

I started to think about other ways to make this work.  I thought about using two pieces of tape this time.  Would that make any difference?  Again,  it does help, but comparatively to the pictures on the package, it looks nothing like what the makers promised. So, it doesn't work.

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