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HealthWise at 5 From 3.2

  • Botox & Migraines

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing muscles but now, a handful of doctors around the country are taking that a step further. In patients whose migraines are successfully treated with Botox, surgeons are now removing the problem muscle altogether hoping for the same results on a long term basis. Although Botox is FDA approved this new technique is not. So this type of surgery is not covered by insurance. One problem, removing the muscle doesn't always get rid of the migraines but it can improve the quality of life for even the most severe cases. Research on this has been published in plastic & reconstructive surgery.

  • Smoking

Here's another reason doctors recommend people quit smoking or not start in the first place. After reviewing 24 previously published studies, researchers at Berkeley's school of public health say smoking appears to increase the risk of becoming infected with tuberculosis by about 73 percent and smokers are more than twice as likely to have that infection to develop into "active TB." tuberculosis is responsible for an estimated one point seven million deaths worldwide each year.

  • Gum Arteries

About three million Americans have severe gum disease. Now new research shows if they will treat their teeth they can help their heart! A study of over 100 patients with severe periodontal disease finds those who underwent intense treatment had what's called improved endothelial function six months later which means the cells lining the arteries and heart became healthier too after that dental treatment. Experts say bacteria associated with gum disease make cause heart and artery cells to become inflamed so by knocking out the bacteria, the level of inflammation in the system goes down.

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