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Food for Thought Report 1.10

If one of your favorite fruits is Cantaloupe, you should hear this. Health officials have issued an advisory about a deadly bacteria that is sometimes carried on the rind, or outer covering of Cantaloupes. We'll get to the advisory in just a minute, but first, health inspectors checked out 47 food establishments this week. Let's look at the list of top and low performers.

First up, a repeat top performer. It's nothing but sweet success for this-to-die-for-bakery. Cakes and More at 3331 70th St. is a top performer this week with zero critical violations.

Next up, Pizza Hut at 4917 34th Street is a Food for Thought top performer.

Taco Villa at 1620 Avenue Q is a Food for Thought top performer with zero critical violations.

Our fourth and final top performer of the week is a new kid on the block. The brand new United Supermarket at 8010 Frankford scores well this week. The bakery, the grocery, the seafood/angus and the meat markets are all top performers with zero critical violations.

And more good news, there are no low performers to report this week.

Now we have a special health advisory to pass along to you. Health officials say you should be extra vigilant this winter about washing fruits and vegetables. Particularly Cantaloupe. That's because a number of fruits, including cantaloupes, are imported during the winter, and other countries don't have strict health codes like the United States does.

"E-Coli 0157h7, which has been in the news quite a bit over the last couple of years, has been found on some of these Cantaloupes. So now, they're advising that they be washed thoroughly before you cut them. Even though you don't eat the rind, the process of cutting it, can introduce that bacteria from the outside into the part that you eat," says the City of Lubbock's Lead Environmental Inspector Bridget Faulkenberry.

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