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Jerry Goodwin is a Teacher You Can Count On!

This week's teacher is using history to inspire his students. With a heart of gold he's well known for his award winning classroom projects. NewsChannel 11's Nicole Pesecky takes us into Estacado High School to honor a much appreciated science teacher who also coaches football and track. Jerry Goodwin is this week's Teacher You Can Count On.

"He always has a speech or something to give us. Some type of powerful lecture to tell us. He makes us realize what's right and what's wrong." Jerry Goodwin's students say he's an inspirational teacher...that's using history in every day experiences.

Coach Goodwin says, "I try to let them know that access to info. dedication and pride are things people are going to be looking for once they get out into the real world." And this teacher is not just inspiration in the classroom, he's motivating his students outside the classroom as well,  "Coaching is teaching, I teach them to be the very best they can be, and so if they do the discipline they learn while coaching it will help them get a little bit further." "He's not strict, he's a coach so he know how to get you where you need to be." and coach Goodwin is turning heads with his award winning classroom projects," student say. 

And that's just what this teacher is doing to keep his students involved. "We speak in front of the class allot, it helps us be comfortable speaking in front of people." Coach Goodwin is not just an educator for these students, he's a teacher, a coach and a friend. 

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