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HealthWise at 5 From 1.14

  • Aspirin for Stroke

For years, doctors have told us that Aspirin's blood thinning effect can help prevent a second Heart Attack or Stroke. Now research at Oxford University says a much smaller dose is just as effective and may even be safer. Scientists reviewed nearly 300 studies involving some 200,000 people. They found that instead of the suggested 325-milligrams, people can take a baby Aspirin which contains about 80 milligrams and get the same benefit without the risk of bleeding in the stomach. The review also found that aspirin can help a wide range of people with risk factors like Diabetes or chronic chest pain, even though they haven't had a Heart Attack or Stroke. The study is published in the British Medical Journal.

  • Breast Pain Relief

A dietary supplement containing Red Clover Isoflavones is showing great promise in reducing monthly breast pain in women. Researchers in Australia studied 18 women who had taken the supplement Promensil and found a 44 % decrease in breast pain. Experts say Isoflavones mimic the activities of the body's own hormones, which may explain the reason for the reduction in pain. Millions of women world-wide suffer from breast tenderness with menstruation, which doctors say is often difficult to treat. Promensil may give many an over-the-counter option.

  • Kitchen Caution

You probably work hard to keep your kitchen clean, but how would it compare to a federally inspected restaurant? The answer may be an eye opener. A new study by audits international found that 74 % of inspected households kitchens did not comply to the FDA's food safety code. Among the most common violations? Using a sponge tainted with raw meat to wipe up other surfaces, which can spread harmful bacteria to other areas of the kitchen.

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