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The Swivel Sweeper: Does It Work?

If you're an avid Does it Work watcher then you probably have figured out I've tested the Swivel Sweeper before. A lot of people are still emailing me about this one, so here's that story again.

You'll have to shell out $40 for the Swivel Sweeper. It's cordless, powered by a battery pack and has an impressive quad brush that can pick up dirt from all four sides. But Does It Work?

I poured three different things on a piece of office carpet: crushed up Doritos, coffee grounds and a package of Sweet N Low. We will see if the Swivel Sweeper can pick it up.

The sweeper did a great job picking up the Doritos and getting around tight corners. It got its name because it can swivel 360 degrees.

The sweeper had a harder time with the coffee grounds but it picked up a majority of them. The Sweet N Low seemed to disappear in a matter or seconds.

I also wanted to see how the sweeper worked on hard floors. I sprinkled the coffee grounds and started sweeping. I noticed the coffee grounds spilled out so it was probably time to empty the dust tray. It was full and a small tray at that.

I continued to sweep and it worked like a champ again. I thought the Swivel Sweeper did a good job. It works! You can buy the product by going to (

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