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Consider This... Viewer Feedback on Hiring Freeze

I received an overwhelming public response to some of my recent comments regarding the city of Lubbock's hiring freeze. So tonight, I'll share some of your comments.

Kelly writes, "I agree that it seems like the city is more interested in putting money in their own pockets then they are on hiring people we need to protect the citizens of Lubbock...go figure they make all these promises about what big changes are going to be made, but do nothing but fatten their pockets.

Ronald writes, "Right on target, Dan. This city council is slowly eroding the public opinion and trust that the McDougal era managed to establish after the Windy Sitton catastrophe. Everything is about spend, spend, spend!"

Debbie writes, "My husband and I have both said from the very beginning that this red light camera idea is all about the money it's going to make the city and not about the safety of its citizens. I'm glad that NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Jones did some investigating on the timing of the lights and temporarily put a halt to putting these cameras up."   

Joyce writes, "I consider the hiring freeze to be just another temper tantrum the city council is throwing because they didn't get something they wanted. ie: traffic cameras.  They never cease to amaze me with their lack of foresight.  To think they would budget funds into the city budget when they don't know for sure they will have those funds is just beyond comprehension.  They are acting like a bunch of children.  When my son was a child he always had his allowance spent before he got it.  The city council is behaving the same way."

Thanks for your comments. I am also interested in any opposing opinions out there, so please take time to write or e-mail me at or write us at:

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Consider This... Hiring Freeze
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the hiring freeze in Lubbock announcement by City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld last week.

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