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Aromatherapy To Help PMS

The technical name for PMS is Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and most women dread it,  maybe even some men too. It can turn life upside down for those few days every month with cramping, bloating, irritability. Now some women are fighting PMS by slipping off their shoes and exposing their toes and tummies. 

"I did it every night before bed and it made a big impact," said Tricia Northam, a PMS sufferer.  

It is aromatherapy for PMS where essential oils are rubbed into the heels and along the lower back and abdomen. It may sound crazy, but even some physicians like Dr. Kathy Alvarez are using it and recommending it to patients. They use essential oils like geranium for bloating, roman chamomile for cramping and lower back pain simply rubbed onto the skin. 

"It's a chemical that's taken into the system, goes to the brain center and can affect everything from your cognition to your actual chemicals in the body," said Dr. Kathy Alvarez, a family physician.  

There is some controversy over whether aromatherapy works because of science or desire because you really want something to work, but at MD Anderson Cancer Center they studied the link between aromatherapy and pain relief and they found that there was more of an impact among those who used true aromatherapy oils rather than just scented lotions from the drug store.

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