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The Kaboom NeverScrub: Does It Work?

Three months ago, I hooked the NeverScrub Toilet Cleaning System to a toilet in my house. Remember this product claims you'll "never scrub" again and that it cleans completely under the rim, but Does It Work?

I did not clean the guest toilet bowl, however I did clean the rim.  Inside the bowl, there were water stains. The master bathroom toilet is where you need to take notice, it was dirty.

I removed the cleaning system from toilet.  "It smells like chlorine tabs you put in your swimming pool," I said. The container was still full with the water cleaning crystals.

I could see water rust on the inside of the rim.  I had to pull out the scrubber to see if I could remove it. Sure enough, it went away with a little scrubbing.

So much for the Kaboom NeverScrub, it doesn't work.

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