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Healthful Hints

When you talk to an older person who is hard of hearing, don't shout. Shouting usually causes you to raise the pitch of your voice. Since loss of hearing in the elderly usually involves an inability to hear the higher sounds, talking louder doesn't help. Just lower the pitch and speak distinctly.

If you have trouble swallowing pills, take a mouthful of water first and swish it around your mouth. This moistens the tongue and helps pills slide down. You also should place solid pills toward the front of your mouth since they require some tongue action to propel them down the throat. Place capsules near the back of your tongue and they just float down.

If you grind your teeth at night, the dentist may recommend an occlusal night guard and charge you over a hundred dollars for it. Before investing all that money, go to a sporting goods store and buy an athletic mouth guard. Make sure that it fits and does not irritate your gums. Try it for a while and see if it solves the problem. Some pharmacies or drug stores may also carry a similar product in their dental section.

Make sure you understand what 'light' means on the label. It can mean lighter in flavor while light beer means it contains fewer calories. A word of warning. Light beer contains the same amount of alcohol as regular beer.

If you are worried about a certain cut of meat being tough, just rub it with kiwi fruit or papaya. They both contain a tenderizing agent. You can also puree them and use them as a marinade. 

If you are watching your fat grams, here's an easy way to estimate how many grams of fat are in something. Take the number of calories listed on the label and divide by ten. A piece of pie with 500 calories contains about 10 grams of fat because a gram of fat has about 9 calories.

Have a hard time putting in eye drops by yourself? Do you blink and most of the fluid ends up on your cheek? Here's the easy answer. With your thumb and fore finger, pull out the lower lid so that it forms a cup. Drop the fluid into that cup and close your eye.

That Texas pink grapefruit is not only tasty but it is healthier for you than the regular variety. While it contains the same amount of vitamin C, it has more than 40 times the amount of beta carotene.

If you have haven't been using crystal glasses because you were afraid of the lead content, worry no more. While crystal does contain lead, most drinks would have to sit in the crystal for a very long time before they leached out enough lead to become toxic. The only exception is something acidic. Never put an acid based food in crystal and you do not have to worry.

Use soap and water as first aid for cuts. It is better than peroxide and doesn't damage the tissues. And if you are some place where you can't get to water, lick it. An English study found that saliva may actually disinfect the wound and promote healing.

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