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Alzheimer's Research Legislation

One in eight Americans over age 65 has Alzheimer's. But it's the millions of baby boomers approaching age 60 right now, that has congress even more concerned that we could end up with an epidemic of seniors facing this debilitating disease with no cure.

The good news is scientists are developing brain scans to detect Alzheimer's ten years before the first memory loss. That could lead to routine testing to screen everyone for the disease and in just three years, they expect to have drugs that not only treat the symptoms but attack the disease.

"For millions of Americans, the diagnosis will no longer be a death sentence, but the beginning of a manageable chronic illness," said  Sam Gandy, of the Alzheimer's Association.

The problem is money and a for the last four years, the National Institute on Aging's budget has been cut in Alzheimer's research. Leaving promising new research on the table. But now, there is new legislation in the works that would not only double the budget but authorize more clinical trials, a public education campaign and more grant money and a call center where frustrated caregivers can get answers.

Sponsors of the bill are hoping democrats and republicans can work together on this, we'll keep you posted.

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