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Consider This... Hospital Security

Last Sunday, news stations across the country and here in Lubbock got the rare opportunity to report some very good news. After being kidnapped from a local hospital, a newborn baby was returned to her Lubbock family safe and sound.

That news followed 24 hours of non-stop Amber Alert coverage and some good police work in Lubbock and Clovis.

Now the focus turns toward the question: what went wrong? Let's start with the comments made by a Covenant hospital official the weekend of the abduction.

"I think that clearly we need to take security to a higher standard. We're not going to rest until we take it up a notch. I don't know that we can ever have anything perfect," said Gwen Stafford.

I agree. This terrible crime exposed a huge need to increase security.

So consider this, one account of the story said a hospital nurse unknowingly handed the baby over to the kidnapper. Another report said that the suspect took the baby from the mother in the room. Hopefully time will tell the truth.

Regardless, I think good security at any hospital starts with its employees. How a total stranger posing as a nurse can infiltrate the system at not one but two hospitals in less than a year is just plain scary. What's even more frightening is we've not heard of one employee noticing anything out of the ordinary before the kidnapping.

I appreciate the quality of health care that is offered in Lubbock, but it is glaringly obvious that we need a better system to protect our newborn babies.

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