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Let's Lose It Lubbock: Week 9

We missed a week over Spring Break, but our Weight Watchers group is back again now for week nine and I'm sorry that some couldn't be here this time because the rest of us enjoyed a surprise appearance from a well-known celebrity.

Portion control is very very important. Teena reminds us of that every week, but this time she brought props to explain. A baked potato should be about the size of a light bulb. A serving of vegetables or fruit, the size of a tennis ball. She says a serving of cheese should about the same as four dice and a portion of meat should fit into the palm of your hand.

Speaking of meat, a special guest at the meeting suggested we avoid meat altogether. Chick-Fil-A provided lunch this time with a strong reminder that chicken is a good choice especially if you're a cow. They've already jumped on the health conscious bandwagon. Their chicken is cooked in peanut oil, so there's no trans-fat there and that's just the beginning.

"Most of the things on the menu will be trans fat free, hopefully by the end of the year," said Shila, of Chick-Fil-A.She says you have to be tempted by fries when you get a combo meal?

"For those of you who don't know, you can substitute a fruit cup for any of the combos instead of the fries," said Teena.  

We sampled everything from chicken nuggets, to three different kinds of wraps and sandwiches, including chicken salad with a variety of low-fat dressings. Everything had the points labeled, so we knew how many points we were getting.

Another lesson learned, you don't have to eat everything on your plate. Instead stop before you get full and feel like you're about to burst. Well, that must be working for some people. Our group lost 20.2 pounds this time.

 Clay Erwin lost the most. , but no doubt the biggest applause this time went to Chick-Fil-A and the lesson the cow carries with her. So next time you go out, think about your portions. It's not so much what you choose to eat, but how much you choose to eat," said Teena.

Let's Lose It Lubbock
It's estimated that half the people in America make the same New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. So, NewsChannel 11 decided to kick-off the year with a challenge called "Let's Lose It Lubbock."

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