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Stomach Friendly Drinks

New relief for heartburn sufferers, at least that's the way they are promoted, but do the new stomach friendly drinks really protect against heartburn?

Folgers, for example, has a new product called Simply Smooth, a coffee that is low-acid. Some orange juice makers are also making a low-acid OJ.

But, whether these can actually help stop heartburn is still up for debate.

"The mere fact that the idea is to alleviate or eliminate the acid production it's a good idea, however there is no study to prove it yet," says Dr. Damian Mallat, a Gastroenterologist.

Try it and if you still think you have symptoms, stay away from it. Gastroenterologists will tell you that every stomach is different which is why it's hard to say if any of these really work or not.

Meanwhile, a study at Stanford University says it can find little evidence that giving up coffee or certain foods will cure heartburn anyway again because the triggers are so individual to each person. Dr. Mallat says the best recommendation is still acid suppressing medication like Tums or Nexium.

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