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Viewer Response to Consider This on Gary Boren's Resignation

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I believe you are absolutely correct about Mr. Boren. I think he has always had the best interest of Lubbock taxpayers in mind throughout his tenure. I no longer live in District 3 but I watch the news and I am always happy to see Mr. Boren step up. Democracy is about balance and we trust our elected officials to nurture that balance. It is a sad day for Lubbock. Sad because the balance of opinions is gone. The scales have just been tipped to the side of personal agendas and egomania by the amateur despots that remain on the council. The citizens of Lubbock have lost a good friend and true statesman.
Thank you Mr. Boren.

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I also am sorry to see Gary Boren leaving our city council.  I think he has served well and honestly and I, too, wish to thank him for his 5 years of service to our community. 
Thanks, Mr. Boren.  May God bless you.

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I was saddened beyond belief when I heard of Gary Boren's resignation from the Lubbock City Council...even though I couldn't really blame him for wanting to get out of the clutches of the City Council. He, along with 1 of the other City Council members, have tried their best to keep taxpayers money in their pockets instead of bleeding them dry...but to no avail. These two 'conservatives' were always outnumbered by the rest of these so-called leaders!  The city manager, mayor and the remainder of the other city council members ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but money hungry mongrels and don't care anything about Lubbock citizens OR their safety. They are only trying to make a name for themselves and they're doing a pretty good job of it, but are going about it in the wrong way!! They're being talked about, all right, but it's in a way that they wouldn't like!!!!
Thank you, Dan Jackson, for allowing us to voice our opinions!  

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Since the news broke today about Councilman Boren resigning, I had been thinking just what you said on  "Consider This".  I have agreed with him on most issues, and very much so on the recent issues that have come up.  I too think it is a sad day for Lubbock and wish to thank him for trying to represent the people instead of government.  Thanks to you for speaking out and giving us all a chance to voice our opinions.

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It's about time! Now if all other supporters of the ill-advised (and unconstitutional) "Chippendale's law" would just resign, we would be halfway toward being a halfway normal city.

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Consider this Dan,
Gary Boren is one of the many, and the first to go of many, corrupt individuals at city hall.  Maybe you agree with his business sense, but you need to recognize and admonish all of our corrupt city leaders, whether or not you agree with their political philosophy.  I think you are sending the wrong message to viewers by adamant support of unethical business and political practices.  Show your viewers that you too hate corruption in our city government and that know that your viewers won't tolerate it either.

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You were so correct in your commentary on Gary Boren's resignation.  He was the only bright spot on the City Council recently--a voice of reason and intelligence.  It is so sad that he will not be there to counteract the agendas of city employees. 

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I just want to speak on behalf of all of the young people and minorities that are constantly told that if we do not vote we can not complain.
Well you up the level of young people voting and we vote for the ones who are on our side, for what? It doesnt seem to matter anymore that we have put them in office or voted for them, the bad guys take them away.
Gary Boren was someone who stood for the people, its sad to know that a great city like Lubbock has such poor leadership. Its hard to vote anymore knowing that what we are told in campains is all a bunch of lies. These councilmen  and women do not care about the city of Lubbock, all they care about is their pockets getting fatter while us hard working citizens( who put them in that job position) pockets are getting deeper and deeper. I vote that the LP&L council take over our Lubbock city council and maybe we will be able to regain our faith in Lubbock, who knows maybe they can untangle the mess that these coucilmen have created for our childrens future!

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I, for one am glad that Boren resign, coz he was nothing but a bully on the city council and i am glad that i don't live in Lubbock anymore, coz the politics there in Lubbock and Lubbock County are nutty and there are knuckleheads that should not be there and Delwin Jones should not run again for the House, coz he is in his 80's and needs to retire, but is not smart enough to do so and Carl Isett always talks the talk, but never walks the walk.

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Mr. Jackson,
I totally agree with you that the City of Lubbock lost out yesterday with Gary Boren's resignation.  Now there is one left at the City Council that is not a "YES SIR" and that is there to protect the citizens, rather than to make a name for themselves.
Has there ever been a Mayor impeached in Lubbock's history?  If not, this is maybe one that should be considered.  As Paul Bean stated on the Rebel, there is only 415 days left before the next Mayor Election.  In my opinion, that is too long a period of time.  A lot of damage of this "out of control" administration can be detrimental to the City in that period of time.
Thank-you for stating your opinion about Mr. Boren.  Anyone that knows him, is aware that he is honest and sincere in his service to the community and was "not out for himself".

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As per your commentary-Amen and Amen!!!  Well-stated-we LOVED it!  Please keep up the good, honest work!  We wish Gary the VERY best and appreciate his years of service-HATE to see him go!

Consider This... Gary Boren's Resignation
Gary Boren has stepped down as Lubbock city councilman after five years of service to Lubbock. Boren says it was for personal reasons, but there is more to this story.

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