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What Really Happened the Day a Baby Was Stolen from Covenant?

U.S. Judge Sam Cummings imposed a gag order on attorneys for both sides of this case, but NewsChannel 11 was able to confirm through a Lubbock Police investigator what may have really happened at Covenant Lakeside the day 3-day-old Baby Mychael was kidnapped.

"The way it happened was a female posing as a hospital employee went into the room, told the family that they needed to take the baby for some tests and then left the room," said Lt. Scott Hudgens, spokesman for the Lubbock Police Department. 

But in a federal document the accused kidnapper Rayshaun Parson, says it happened like this: U.S. Attorney Steve Sucsy said, during a detention hearing two Fridays ago, that Parson told a Clovis investigator she walked down a hallway of the maternity ward with a real nurse. Parson at that point asked to wheel the baby to her mother. The nurse asked if she was a family friend and she said "yes," and the nurse handed over the baby.

Once the nurse walked away, Parson tried to take her on an elevator but the elevator wouldn't move. She left the elevator, noticed the security device on the baby and cut it off. Parson was able to get back on the elevator and leave the hospital. Before the gag order, NewsChannel 11 was able to talk to a police investigator who says that story is not true.

In fact, Covenant Vice President Gwen Stafford said the following the day the baby was taken out of the hospital. "The family was the one that was helpful to police in giving descriptions, so we're relying on the family members," said Stafford.

According to police, Parson took the baby from the mother's room not from a nurse.

We wanted to take a look at the witness statements. Lubbock Police say they are sealed documents while the investigation is open.

We still have more questions though. For example, how did Parson go unnoticed in the hallways of a maternity ward?  How will Covenant protect other newborns so this doesn't happen again?

Covenant's Vice President is talking to NewChannel 11 this week to answer some of our questions.

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