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HealthWise at 5 From 1.21

  • Lokomat

A robotic device called Lokomat is getting paralyzed patients back on their feet again and retaining them to walk. Doctors at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago recently unveiled the new technology, which suspends patients in a harness over a treadmill. Lokomat delivers power to the hip and knee joints while distributing pressure on the patient's legs. Experts say the technology gives new hope to those with partial spinal cord injuries.

  • New Impotence Drug

The latest round of testing has found and 85% success rate for a new erectile dysfunction treatment. The drug, Vardenafil is manufactured by Bayer and appears to work well regardless of age or the severity of their problem. The drug even worked on hard-to-treat patients, such as those with Diabetes, Hypertension, and non-cancerous enlarged prostates. Bayer is now awaiting FDA approval and expects a final decision by the end of the year.

  • Childproof Packaging

Some common cosmetics and household products will soon arrive in stores with child-resistant packaging. In a unanimous vote, the Consumer Product Safety Commission agreed to require such packaging for products made with mineral oil or petroleum-based chemicals. Those sound safe but if ingested the product can enter a child's lungs and cause a potentially fatal case of chemical Pneumonia. Manufacturers have one year to make them childproof.

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