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Consider This... Lubbock Drainage

In the not so distant past, the news department at KCBD would have its hands full today, still covering the effects of the massive rainfall we saw over the weekend.

You'd probably be seeing stories about flooded homes, church parking lots and impassable roadways.  You'd hear from angry Lubbockites screaming "when will they fix the flooding problem in Lubbock?"

At one point back in 1999, there was even talk about a class action lawsuit against the city for all the flood damage.

I know in this segment I am quick to point out what I fundamentally disagree with at city hall, but this week, I would be remiss if I didn't stop and appreciate the improvements in Lubbock's drainage system.  No, it's not perfect and there are still issues in southwest Lubbock, but boy, have we come a long way. So, what changed? 

Consider this; the citizens of Lubbock passed a $34 million bond election for a well spent and long overdue drainage project and since about 2003, we haven't heard much complaining about flooding in Lubbock. 

What used to take weeks for flooded playa lakes to drain, now takes days or even hours.  And now when we get more than three inches of rain in a couple of days like we did this weekend, the news is filled with stories about how great the rain is for our farmers and our city.

So congratulations to all of the workers and engineers involved in the Lubbock drainage projects...your hard work is paying off.

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