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Video Game Vision

Some people think playing video games will hurt your eyes, but that's not what a new study finds. Researchers at the University of Rochester have found that video games with a lot of action can instead improve your vision.

"What it is suggesting is that the video game playing, when there's high action during the video game it will actually enhance your brains ability to process the information it receives from the eyes. So in other words it can actually make you see things a little more clearly and sharply then you have been," said Dr. Cheryl Jost, an Optometrist.

Dr. Jost says it's important to remember that the study groups were just playing video games one hour a day, but if you play a lot of hours every day, you could end up with eye fatigue and that can lead to headaches, eye strain and dryness.

The research is in the Journal Psychological Science.

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