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Let's Lose It Lubbock: Week 10

Time again for our weekly Weight Watcher's meeting in our challenge "Let's lose it Lubbock". This time we had lunch with a twist. Instead of a grown up meal, we had a kids meal fit for a grown up.

It's week 10 and all our community members had good news.  You may not recognize Aramark as a fast food drive- thru, but your kids may be very familiar with what's on the menu since Aramark provides the food for LISD school cafeterias.

Aramark is changing the look of school lunches starting with the shaker salad. Chips are still available in school cafeterias but not the greasy kind.

"Everything we do at school is baked or reduced fat chips. We did get rid of all of the deep fryers last year and no more regular chips at any of our schools," said Katie of an Aramark representative. 

Even the brownies are low-fat now but just an occasional treat, since fresh or canned fruit is the more common desert. So, as we all sampled some of the options our kids get in school, Teena played teacher with a tough homework assignment.

"You be an inspiration to your children, we're seeing what kind of choices they have at school but what choices do they have at home?" Said Teena.  

The message was clear. Our kids eat what we make available at home and when they're not with us they will choose those familiar favorites. In high school, kids can choose to leave campus for lunch so Aramark tries to hide the healthy options in what looks like a fast food package to rival what they could get if they left the school grounds.

"The food in the cafeteria is good. Help them to make wise choices by having wise choices at home," said Teena.  

So how did our group do today? We lost 23.2 pounds. The biggest news was that two in our group Eloisa from the station and Mrs. Hankins Principal of Wester Elementary, hit their 10% weight loss.  Hankins said her students have inspired her. 

"Because they're always telling me, go Mrs. Hankins!" said Hankins.  

In the case of LISD, 1% milk is the drink of choice. After all, sodas in most schools today are history; it's all part of a plan to provide kids with healthier choices. Apples and oranges are available every day and although desert isn't always on the menu, fruit is. I want to thank LISD. Let's give them a big hand. 

Let's Lose It Lubbock
It's estimated that half the people in America make the same New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. So, NewsChannel 11 decided to kick-off the year with a challenge called "Let's Lose It Lubbock."

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