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Preventing Migraines with Poison

Migraines cost the nation millions of dollars in lost work days, not to mention the countless visits to doctors and hospitals. All sorts of things can trigger a Migraine, foods like meats, chocolate, and cheese, hormones, a change in weather and stress.

While there are many medications available to stop a Migraine, doctors in Chicago are looking into a way to prevent Migraines before they start.

They're using Botox in large doses, It's a poison, but in small doses, Botox is often used for cosmetic procedures to wipe away wrinkles. Now it's also showing promise in treating Migraine headaches. "It destroys the spasm and spaciticity of muscles," says Dr. Seymour a Headache Specialist.

"I went through a period of a week and a half to two weeks where I didn't have any headaches. Then gradually they came back again," said Jim Cowell a migraine patient. Jim is part of a six month study at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. Half the people in the study get Botox in several injections around the head, and the other half of the study gets a Placebo. Jim, like the others, doesn't know which group he's in.

For more information on the free Botox/Migraine Study, and are between the ages of 18 and 65, have at least 15 headaches a month, and have tried other treatments without getting relief, you can call 1-800-HEADACHE (1-800-432-3223) during normal business hours.

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