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Food for Thought Report 4.5

We begin where many people begin their day. Rise N Shine Donuts at 410 Frankford Avenue glazed right through their health inspection. So whether your delight is chocolate, sprinkles, cake or maple it's served up with perfection.

And if your mouth is watering for a thick juicy burger, look no further. The Burger House at 5107 29th Drive is now a seven-time top performer.

Bayless, Haynes, Maedgen and Parsons Elementaries are all shining stars this week. Each of their cafeterias were flawless during their latest health inspection.

Now to Wheelock Elementary where inspectors found one critical violation.

  • They say there was no back flow prevention device in a wash room. This protects the water supply from contamination.

And finally inspectors cited Stubb's Headstart with three critical violations.

  • An employee's uncovered drink was found above turkey.
  • A bottle of ammonia did not have a lid.
  • A can opener had debris on it.

The reports show all violations were corrected at the time of the inspections.

Food for Thought 4.5
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 4/5/07.

Now to our low performers.

Rosa's Café at 3115 50th had seven critical violations.

  • Fajita meat, ground beef, chicken, tomatoes, cheese sauce and sour cream were all above 41 degrees.
  • An employee's drink was in a plastic container with condiments.
  • A can of peppers was dented.
  • An employee was handling cooked tortillas with bare hands.
  • Water from a hand sink splashed onto a table with tortillas on it.
  • Disinfectant was stored next to and over food items.
  • Plates were chipped and cracked and the can opener was soiled.

The vice president of marketing for Rosa's says, "We always work closely with the health department to make sure everything is as good as possible for our customers. We respect their job, and we work hand and hand with them to make sure we are serving the absolute best food that we can to our customers."

Management says all violations have been corrected. The report shows most violations were corrected during the inspection.

Next we head downtown to Mesquite's at 2419 Broadway. They had eight critical violations.

  • Cheese, tomatoes and potato salad were all above the safe temperature of 41 degrees.
  • An employee was smoking behind the bar.
  • There was no back flow preventor on a kitchen hose. This protects the water supply from contamination.
  • Toxic items were not properly labeled.
  • A hand wash station did not have soap or towels. At another station, the soap dispenser was not accessible.
  • The restaurant did not have a thermometer for thin foods.
  • Several items were soiled, including: an ice machine deflector, bowls and a utensil bin. And a plate was chipped.
  • Finally there was no consumer advisory posting about the consumption of under-cooked foods.

Management says all violations have been corrected. The report shows most of the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Finally, La Malinche at 1105 2nd Place had 11 critical violations.

  • Cooked ground beef was not cooling properly which could lead to food borne illness.
  • Shredded cheese was 71 degrees. That's 30 degrees above the safe temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Cooked rice and ground beef were not at or above 135 degrees.
  • Several employee's uncovered drinks were sitting on top of food contact surfaces.
  • Employees were eating food in the kitchen area.
  • Employees were handling tortillas and ready to eat foods with bare hands.
  • There was mold buildup in the ice machine connected to the soda fountain.
  • Cooked chicken was stored in a plastic bag with no expiration date.
  • Diced chicken was expired.
  • A large piece of metal was in a hand wash sink.
  • A towel dispenser didn't work at a hand wash station.
  • A sanitizer solution was too strong.
  • Soiled plates were stored with clean plates, a chipped knife was found with good knives, two microwaves were soiled and a can opener was extremely soiled.

Management was not available to comment. The report shows all but three of the violations were corrected while the inspector was present.

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