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Let's Lose It Lubbock: Week 11

Time for another Weight Watchers weigh in.

Since Karin is gone this week, Holly Kennedy sat in on the group to learn more about good eating habits.

Lunch this time is likely every dieter's dream. It's Weight Watchers week 11, and waist lines weren't the only thing shrinking.

Several people were absent for this week's meeting, but for a good reason. This week marks LISD's 100th year anniversary.While they were greatly missed, the rest of the group's taste buds were watering.

This week we had Pizza Hut. Now would ever believe on Weight Watchers you would be able to eat pizza? Most of us agreed no, can this really be acceptable.? Pizza Hut says yes, with its fit and delicious pizzas. 

It didn't take much coaxing to get us out of our seats and in line. Even more surprising, we had several types of pizza to choose from.

Pizza Hut says what you really need to watch with pizza is your crust because that's where your points add up and also what you put on there. 

It's nice to know we don't have to hide the evidence for this healthy splurge.

 Weight Watchers promises you can have whatever you want, even pizza, just remember to strategize. Stop, rest and assess when your eating and what's that going to do to help you give yourself time to know you're full and finished.

Sounds easy but a tough assignment with spring in full swing, BBQ'S, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day and also Easter. So a reminder when it comes to those big spring events, is it really the food you're there to see? 

It appears our group is taking those words to heart, but still enjoying the cheesier things in life. We have lost a total of 235.4 pounds!

This week's big winner's included the newly retired Peggy Sullivan, who continued to lose even after a huge retirement party dinner. She has lost 15 pounds, and her cholesterol is down 11 points.

We have one more meeting, and so many of us are close to their goal weight.

Remember, next week is the final week, tune in to find out who lost the most and who met their goal weight.

Let's Lose It Lubbock
It's estimated that half the people in America make the same New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. So, NewsChannel 11 decided to kick-off the year with a challenge called "Let's Lose It Lubbock."

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