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Pre-Birth Surgery

A newborn baby is recovering from a rare surgery. The surgery is rare because the surgery came before it was completely born. "At the time of the C-Section we delivered only the baby's head, and what we did was kept the rest of the baby's body in the Uterus, and the reason we did that is we needed the baby to live off of it's own Placenta," said Dr. Peter Doelger of Hartford Hospital.

In Hartsford, Connecticut, a team of 25 doctors worked to remove a large mass from the baby's mouth with the rest of the baby still inside the mother. The surgeons had to drain fluid from the mass and then place a breathing tube in his mouth. Only then, was it safe to deliver the baby and remove the mass.

It was a complicated way for Gabriel to enter the world, seemingly healthy at eight pounds, seven ounces. Another difficulty was that the mother is a Jehovah's Witness, so surgeons had to perform the technique in a way that for the baby, it was a bloodless treatment.

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