Consider This... '90 Days, 100 Ways' Campaign

Consider This... '90 Days, 100 Ways' Campaign

If you live in Lubbock, you might have noticed billboards, TV and radio ads, and even yard signs promoting a phrase "90 Days, 100 Ways." If you're like me you're wondering what this is all about. We'll, I did a little research and let me say, background information about this campaign is not easy to come by.

On the surface, 90 Days, 100 Ways, appears to be a sounding board and mechanism to bring forward a melting pot of ideas that would make Lubbock a better place to live. How are "they" doing it? Well, whoever "they" are, are using the Internet -- a web site to gather ideas. This web site hosts forums that give anyone a voice to share their thoughts for a better Lubbock, or nominate a Most Valuable Citizen.

Now by design this campaign has got people talking, and I have taken a few calls asking me if this is a political campaign designed to promote a politician. I can tell you that I'm told that is NOT the case. In fact, I'm told it's about the citizens and that politicians and candidates won't even be eligible for the most valuable citizen. Now that's refreshing!

Basically, it just looks like a good idea designed to get citizens excited about where they live and it's nice to see "someone" spend some time, effort, energy, not to mention a lot of advertising money, to further the community, not just the company.

So consider this, I hope you'll take some time to check out the 90 days, 100 ways web site and judge for yourself, by clicking here.

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