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HealthWise at 5 From 4.11

  • Male Contraceptive

Researchers have a potent new clue on how to develop a male contraceptive that could work. Scientists at the University of Virginia have discovered a protein that resides on the sperm's tail. The protein helps cells produce and use energy in a process known as Glycolysis in lab experiments, when Glycolysis was blocked, the sperm became infertile and were barely able to move.

  • Sense of Smell

As people age their hearing and eyesight tends to deteriorate but a recent study finds that the sense of smell may stand the test of time. The study published in the Journal Chemical Senses found that the sense of smell deteriorates very slowly with age but researchers found the ability to smell drops off faster in elderly people who smoke or are taking medications. Drugs to lower blood pressure and anti-cholesterol medications are also among those that can distort your sense of smell.

  • Color Red

To many people, the color red can signal danger or the need to stop in traffic, but new research from the University of Rochester can also impact test scores. If a test taker, for example, sees a person wearing red before a test, their performance on the test can be negatively affected. The color red is often associated with mistakes and failure, and it appears it can trigger trouble too.

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