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HealthWise at 5 From 1.25

  • The Testosterone Advantage

It's the newest thing in bookstores for men only. It's called the Testosterone Advantage Plan. For what it's worth, it throws out everything we've learned about diet and exercise. Again, just for the men. The theory is that less Testosterone means your body's going to lose some of its ability to build muscle. Less muscle means a slower metabolism. So, with the so-called Advantage Plan, you head straight for the weights to build muscle. Thereby increasing Testosterone production, which helps build more muscles. More muscles equals a faster metabolism, which means you're burning off more fat, even when you're resting. Weight lifting has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease your bad cholesterol, and help your body process oxygen all of which are good for the heart. If you're interested, it's called the Testosterone Advantage Plan and it's available now at Barnes and Noble.

  • Winter Sun Warning

We're all pretty good about sun protection during the summer months, but if you forget to wear proper eye protection in the snow, you can develop a condition called "Snow Blindness". It's similar to sunburn, but it strikes eyes rather than skin. Experts at the American Academy of Opthamology say chronic exposure to bright light can increase your risk of developing sight stealing conditions like Cataracts and Macular Deeneration, so don't forget those sunglasses this winter.

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