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Consider This... Don Imus

Don Imus made more news Thursday when CBS fired him from his radio show. This follows a firestorm of attention he's gotten this week after he made some very degrading remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. My question is why should we care what Don Imus says?

Consider This, there's a reason Imus is classified as a "shock jock". Just like Howard Stern, Imus likes to shock his listeners. No one should be surprised by what he said. Unfortunately, Imus, who had a very small fan base, is now more recognized than ever thanks to us, the media, for talking non-stop about him all the past week.

And jumping right in to make sure he receives his un-fair share of the publicity is the Rev. Al Sharpton. How is it that he conveniently shows up whenever the cameras appear?

The only group who deserves any recognition is the Rutgers basketball team and their coach. These women have shown extreme class in the way they have handled the attention from the national spotlight. Kudos to them for their professionalism. Obviously their strength of character extends much further than the basketball court.

As insulting as it was for Imus to say what he said, he does have the right to share his opinion, just like rappers and rock stars do in the lyrics they sing. It's called freedom of speech. Fortunately, we also have our right to say what we think and to choose not to listen, or watch.

It's clear the price Imus will have to pay for saying what he thinks is the very medium that gave him a voice...a radio show. But rest assured he'll probably show up again somewhere on the air.

So the best way to punish Don Imus is to quit talking about him and quit listening. With no listeners, I can promise you none of us would have to hear about his bigoted comments again. And maybe we media folks could get back to covering the stories that really matter.

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