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The Importance of Donating Blood

Too bad there's no Synthetic Blood to call upon when our city's supply is low. That's what's happening in Lubbock now. United Blood Services says our current inventory has dropped to a critical level.

January is National Blood Donation month because it's normally the slowest time of the year for donations. Les Long at UBS says another problem right now is that there's been a bigger demand than usual these last few months, so regular donors are taking a breather. Unfortunately, there is never a break in the need for blood.

"Only about 5% of the public actually donate blood. Those that could. Although 85% will end up using some type of blood in a transfusion before they reach age 65. That doesn't work, so we really need for people to do something good for their community, roll up their sleeves and donate from the heart," says Les Long of United Blood Services.

UBS is located at 2523 48th St., a block from University, and if you want to call to schedule an appointment, the number is (806) 797-6804.

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