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Consider This... Red Light Camera Changes

If you watched the news this week you know about the latest bump in the road for Lubbock's red light camera program.

Basically we've now learned that the intersections designated for cameras wouldn't generate enough tickets to pay the camera company. And the city learned this not from it's own traffic engineer Jere Hart, but from a private company that we've hired to run the cameras.

So, basically, this is good news for Lubbock drivers and bad news for City Hall. Good news because we've found out that Lubbock intersections aren't as dangerous as they thought. Bad news for city hall because now they need more red light runners to justify the whole thing. Remember, they've already planned on getting 1.5 million dollars from these cameras.

I said here months ago that the best result from this program would be that City Hall makes less money over time, which would support the theory that drivers are being more cautious.

It turns out, red light runners aren't as big a problem as they thought. But instead of saying, 'great news, looks like we really don't need these cameras after all', they are forging ahead with the program because they just can't live without the money.

Again, I'm not against red light cameras, but I am against any gimmick designed only to stuff the budgets of money-addicted politicians and bureaucrats, and that's exactly what this is.

If this were about safety, wouldn't we want to stop just one red light runner? No. Instead, we need a quota. We have to have so many violators before it will be worth it.

So Consider This, if it wasn't obvious before, it is now. Our city leaders, starting with the Mayor, have jumped the gun again. They didn't do their homework because the dollars signs were just too big.

It's time that the four city council members running the show, start representing the interests of the city, not the interests of City Hall.  

Citizens don't expect a Mayor and a Council to be perfect, but at least admit when you've gone astray. The mayor should lead the charge. Drop the unnecessary red light program and get back to basics.

It's time somebody stand up and take some responsibility. Wake up City Council, you're on a sinking ship!

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