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Food for Thought Report 4.19

Open just three weeks and this one's a beauty.

"It's very important to us to deliver the best service and quality of food that we can," owner Belinda de los Santos says about Belle's Kitchen.

The newly opened restaurant at 2013 North Ash is a drive-thru that specializes in burritos from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. and serves up hamburgers during the lunch hours. She says they're hoping to extended their hours during the summer.

As an added note, the report says the facility is "very clean." So how does she do it? "Lots of hard work."

If your palate is pleading for pasta the next top performer is designed for a quick fix. Orlando's Take Out at 6941 Indiana was perfect in its last health inspection.

Whether the secret is the recipe, or that you didn't do the cooking, My Lips Are Sealed

"We strive for perfection, and we've really worked hard at being a top performer," owner Robbie Faught says.

Faught has been cooking up homemade casseroles and desserts for almost two years now at 4411 19thStreet. "You can stop in anytime and pick them up. I keep them frozen, or you can call ahead and I'll have them hot."

If you really want to fool the family bring in your own dishes and Robbie will fill them with what delights you, they also deliver and cater. "Any form or fashion, big or small, we've done it all."

You can fill up inside or out at our next top performer. Rudy's Country Store and BBQ near Slide and South Loop 289 smoked up a perfect score.

And we top off this list of top performers with a sweet treat. Our final stop is the bakery inside La Michoacano at 2131 Clovis Road. They had zero critical violations.

Food for Thought 4.19
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 4/19/07.

Now to our only low performer.

Inspectors cited Amigo's Restaurant at 5001 34th Street for eight critical violations.

  • Beans were not cooled properly.   The cooling period for cooked foods is important because bacteria grows rapidly at room temperature which can lead to food borne illness.
  • Tomatoes and chorizo were above 41 degrees.
  • Bacon was found at 91 degrees. That's 44 degrees below the safe temperature of 135 degrees.
  • Food stored for more than 24 hours was not date-marked.
  • A cockroach was along the wall behind a grill.
  • Dishes were being washed properly, but not sanitized.
  • The facility did not have the correct type of thermometer to measure the temperature of thin foods.
  • Nor did it have a consumer advisory about the consumption of under-cooked foods.

Management at Amigo's says all violations have been corrected. The report shows most were corrected during the inspection.

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