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Botox Below The Face

By now, most people know that if you want to erase wrinkles in the face botox may be a good investment. The frustration, for many though, is that while the face may look younger, the neck shows your age.

Well, not anymore. Now botox is being used to treat those nasty wrinkles on the neck, if you have the right kind of neck.

"A woman who has a long neck, an elegant neck, not a chubby neck, not a saggy neck, that also has bands either vertically or horizontal lines. The way it works is it relaxes the muscle so instead of it doing this all the time it redrapes the muscle so that it hangs like a curtain that's being pulled straight as opposed to a curtain that's all bunched up." said Dr. Jeffrey Dover, dermatologist

Like botox in the face, it takes a few injections in the neck and the procedure is done in a matter of minutes.

Some side effects include bruising and, in rare cases, trouble swallowing, but since botox is temporary, so are any side effects.

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