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Viewer Response to Consider This on Red Light Camera Changes

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Dear Dan,
Thank you.  I appreciate your comments being direct and to the point.  You are being honest, impartial, and enlightening the citizens of Lubbock with the true facts of our council's decision making.  It is time for the citizens to open their eyes and live in a realistic world of how their tax money is spent and sometimes wasted.  Without the good reporting of KCBD and your comments, many citizens would not have any idea the city's issues are not being handled appropriately.

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To whom it may Concern:
I agree whole heartedly about the City Council using this project to gain more revenue for the needs of the Council, It's funny how when folks campaign for an elected position that they tell the citizens what they want to hear, and when they are elected it's not what we can do for you as citizens of this fine city to make things better, it's what you can do for me over a period of time to make my life more comfortable. As a city we should continue to be more cautious on the Red Light situation and make it less economical for the City Council, but the sad thing is they will come up with another way for the citizens of Lubbock Texas to pay for the over spending that seems to happen to often.

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Keep up the good work Dan Jackson.  Maybe one of these days our city council will listen to the citizens.  If not, election day will come.  I appreciate your comments.
Many thanks.  

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I agree with you wholeheartedly.  These people, especially the four and mayor need to go.  Isn't there a way we can get them out and not have to put up with them until their term is over?  I still think all counsel members should be voted on by the whole city and not just in specific districts.  I think if that were so, we could definitely get them out come election time again.  We also need to get the City Attorney out too.

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I couldn't agree more! If this were about safety and red light runners were an issue then I would be all for this. It seems to me that maybe our mayor or a city council member talked to another city council in Texas and found out how much money they were making and thought " Hmmmmm, a cash cow!". Red light cameras might be a good idea for huge metropolises like Austin or Dallas/Fort Worth, but Lubbock Texas???
Through our city councils behavior and temper tantrums throughout this campaign for red light cameras it has proven that this is about money for them. Did you know that when they put the city on a hiring freeze it also affected pay raises for police officers changing from day shift to night shift? So officers who were supposed to make a little more for working the dreaded night shift made the same as the day shift.
So my question for you is what can we do? Can we sign a petition? Hold an informal vote? impeach the mayor? ( that last one was a joke). Don't get me wrong, I am sure that our mayor is a great guy and a man of God but he is not doing a great job as mayor and making the best decisions based on what his citizens want. What do we as citizens have as a course of action in this position?

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I hope you don't think you can single-handedly fix a system that has been broken since Lubbock was founded. Your comments on TV, though well intended and true, cannot be absorbed by people with no "common sense." The people who make up city hall don't have any "common sense."  Just my take on this ridiculous city- can't wait to get out of here!!! 

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I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and start an active recall campaign starting with the 'NO NEW TAXES" mayor !

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I totally agree with Dan Jackson's statements about the red light cameras. The city is so money hungry they refuse to let the issue go. The city should admit they made a huge mistake (if only to themselves, heaven knows they would never admit it to the taxpaying public) , return the camera's, get a refund for the purchases and SAVE the taxpayers some money instead of spending it on such frivolous items. We have streets in need of repaving and other areas where the money could be used much more effectively.

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I think what you said tonight on the news at 10:00 " Consider This "  was right on. But I really don't think the mayor will listen, do you ? Surely there is something , somebody can do about the situation.    Does our Mayor not think that if red light cameras are put in effect, that they will only work for awhile. Once people who do run red lights find out were the cameras are , they just want run those particular lights. I think we should be able to remove the man from office. Has he done anything positive since being in office ??

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Why don't we supply all the members of the Fab Four  set of hearing aids?  It is clear that they are not hearing the public outcry!

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I actually sent an email to the mayor last night after seeing the report on KCBD.  I completely agree with your comments today!  I have had no response from the mayor, but I fully expect one or I will continue to let the mayor know my feelings about their dishonesty with the citizens concerning these red light cameras.

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Your latest comments on the red light cameras was straight to the point. It is all about the money.

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We want a smaller government, not a bigger one. Let's vote out the politicians that wanted to vote in the cameras.

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This matter is like everything else in the politician arena! It's all about the MONEY because then you have power over those who don"t have it!!!

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I have lived in the Lubbock area for 14 years and over the years the taxes have gone up and now the city councils want red light cameras?  It is totally crazy!  Unfortunately, the City of Lubbock are very greedy, it is all about money.  Is the city also planning to raise the taxes to pay for the freaking cameras?  In my opinion, the citizens should speak up and be allowed a petition against this issue, after all it is the citizens money.

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RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I could not agree with your opinion more.  Our City Leaders spend entirely too much time thinking up ways to generate more money.  I have never agreed with the red light cameras, however I consider myself to be a safe driver so it doesn't affect me too much.  I think that there are so many cons that they are unnecessary.  If they are truly concerned for the safety of our streets, then maybe they should hire more officers to handle only traffic.  It seems to me that would be more effective than a machine to capture an image and then have every single ticket contested in a court of law.  I doubt they have thought about the weather here.  How would these cameras perform in our 60 mph wind gusts?  Or how about when we have hail and heavy rainfall?  Could these little cameras withstand the fury of Mother Nature in West Texas?  What about vandals?  If someone has the guts to bust down the Windy Man in plain sight, who is to say someone won't shoot down or otherwise mutilate the red light cameras?  My other fear is that drivers would be so concerned over the cameras that they would increase their speed in intersections, to ensure they got through, thus making our streets more dangerous, not safer.  Of course this is just another way for our money hungry politicians to gather more funds to spend on what they choose, not on what they city really needs.  I think that too many of our citizens are against these cameras and I think that our city leaders should listen to us, the tax payers who pay their salaries, and get over themselves and their quotas.

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The Red Light issue is just the tip of the insane money spending iceberg(s) our City Council heaps on the Lubbock citizen's heads.
From a Mayor who has totally ignored ALL the campaign promises he made at election time to the rest of the Council that follows blindly his tax .. tax .. tax .. spend .. spend .. spend policies/plans.

I personally think it is time to hold elected officials feet to the "campaign promises" fire. They are supposed to represent the citizens of Lubbock. ALL of the tax paying citizens. Their job is to see that our city is run as efficiently and economically as possible. That our tax money is spent frugally and only as necessary.

We are incessently being hit with proposals for more garbage collection taxes .. more for electricity .. more for water (wow .. what a rip-off the water policy fiasco was/is) ..etc. ad nauseum. I wonder who has one of the the highest tax bases in Texas?

Why wait for elections? Perhaps it IS time to file the necessary petitions to start the process for their removal. Then "hire" people that will truely represent the citizens .. for a change.

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I do believe that money is the main factor behind the red light cameras. This should not be a surprise to anyone.  I don't agree with this, but the bottom line is- if you're not running a red light then you should have nothing to worry about.  Just a thought...

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Thank you so much for representing the true voice of the people of Lubbock. No one wants these red light cameras, so it shouldn't even be issue. It seems to me that this is a perfect example of how out of touch some of our city council members and city administrators are with the people that employ them, the citizens of Lubbock. 

I understand that managing the ongoings of a city the size of Lubbock is a real handful, but when you are charged with doing a job, you better make sure you can do it. The justification for these red light cameras, we are told, is to fill a void in city revenue that was earmarked for the police department.  The police need, and deserve, all of the help that we can give them.  They shouldn't have to pay the price for a blunder by someone who may have been putting their own interests first.

It doesn't make sense to me that we (Lubbock) have the money to perform numerous VERY costly projects to create 'tourist' attractions, but can't afford to pay our police department. How much of the money earmarked for these expenditures can be spared to pay them (the police) what they deserve.
We don't need these cameras,
We don't want these cameras,
and if we have them shoved down our throats,
we'll vote out those that forced them on us.

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My wife and I moved back to Lubbock after living in Phoenix, AZ where Red Light Cameras are a way of life. After listening to the ridiculous arguments and conspiracy theories about how the city council is simply using these devices to make money we thought it was our obligation to email and let you know that Red Light Cameras work! We saw the number of traffic fatalities drop significantly after the installation of Red Light Cameras. The Cameras were also effective in just slowing the traffic down in general. If the threat of getting a ticket in the mail is what it takes to slow drivers down and force them to pay attention then so be it. So consider our first hand experience with Red Light Cameras that these devices make drivers more aware and save lives.

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I am writing in regards to the Red Light Cameras our city council is implementing. Like you, I also believe this is not an issue of safety, rather, it is an issue of money. What we have here is a money hungry city council that is considering using this revenue as a means of supplementing their coslty mistakes. I am trying to start a group to petition the city council on this issue. I have tried this once before, but I came across one problem, getting publicity (also college school work takes alot of my time). I feel that with the partnership with a person in a powerful position such as yourself, could really boost my proposal. Maybe there is something we could do and work together if you'd like. I plan on tackling this issue and start petitioning the red light cameras the Monday after I graduate from Texas Tech (Monday, May 15, 2007). I hope to hear from you soon!!

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I drive in the city for a living and see how many people run red lights every day. I hope the cameras will slow the redlight runners.

Consider This: Red Light Camera Changes
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson sounds off on the latest bump in the road for Lubbock's red light camera program.

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