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Blood Clots are Linked to Miscarriages

It's devastating any time a woman suffers a Miscarriage, but perhaps even more so when it happens late in the pregnancy. New research finds a gene linked to blood clots is also linked to Miscarriages.

The study, published in the Journal Human Reproduction, explains that some women have a genetic mutation that increases the risk of blood clots, and raises the chance of Miscarriage because of clotting in the blood vessels of the Placenta.

The research followed more than 200 pregnant women who had three or more Miscarriages at around 12 weeks. They found those with the gene mutation, known as FVL, were nearly twice as likely to Miscarry again than women with the normal gene.

The researchers are suggesting that doctors screen for the mutation in women with a history of Miscarriages linked to clotting problems. The gene mutation is referred to as FVL, for the Factor V Leiden Gene.

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