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Botox For Back Pain

Now, there's another use for Botox that has nothing to do with looking younger.

Some doctors are using it to get rid of back pain. Botox helps ease wrinkles by paralyzing muscles when injected in the face. But because the muscles in the back are much thicker, the drug has has a different effect.

"By bringing the activation of these muscles down to a more normal level, actually patients tend to have an increased range of motion as opposed to a decrease range of motion," said Dr. Kevin Cannard, Neurologist.

"My range of activity has gone back to what it was before. I had serious back problems and for me that's great," said Paul Cascio, a Botox patient for back pain.

Paul Cascio says he tried everything and nothing worked until Botox. Now, he goes to Walter Reed for injections into his back every three months at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Northwest Washington. 

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