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Tai Chi Immunity

We've talked about Tai Chi in this Healthwise segment a lot because Texas Tech has done several studies to see if that form of exercise could help seniors with osteoporosis or diabetes.

Wednesday, we get news from UCLA that researchers there have a similar interest in Tai Chi. But they're investigating whether that martial arts form can help fight a number of diseases including shingles, which is the painful return of chicken pox in seniors.

"We were very interested in examining the ability for Tai Chi to boost the immune system in older adults because we know that older adults are at greater risk for a number of infectious diseases," said Dr. Michael Irwin, of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institution.

Dr. Irwin says his team has already learned that Tai Chi can help boost the immune system in seniors, enough to reduce the effect of shingles in older adults. Bottom line, more and more researchers today are discovering real health benefits of Tai Chi.

If you would like more information on Tai Chi classes for seniors. Call UMC and ask to speak to Peter Lavarty with the seniors are special program.

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