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The Clever Clasp: Does It Work?

It's usually a game of hit or miss when putting on a necklace or bracelet. The Clever Clasp promises to improve your game though, "it connects your necklace with ease."

Who can help me test this product?  There's only one person who comes to mind. Eveline Hallgren is my favorite Does It Work tester. She's got a lot of necklaces.

"Here's a bunch I have a hard time with," Eveline said. 

The Clever Clasp is a magnet. Each end of the magnet hooks on to the necklace. Eveline had trouble at first.

"OK, I got it. Let me investigate," said Eveline. 

"It's got a safety lock on it. So once you put the magnets together, see this twist cap, you twist it so it locks into place, " said Cecelia Jones.

"Wonderful, I like this!," said Eveline. 

"Does it make your life easier? Definitely. Even with fake fingernails. I like it. Let me see what else you got in there. Gold ones, and what are these?," said Eveline. 

"Extensions for your necklace to make them longer," said Jones. 

So, Does It Work?

"I don't want to give them back to you," said Eveline. 

That should answer your question. You'll pay about 20 bucks for this product. We bought ours at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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