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The Cure For Hiccups

She made national headlines because she couldn't stop hiccupping, one hiccup every second for thirty-seven days. You might have heard that Jennifer's hiccups finally stopped for no apparent reason in March.

What you may not know is that was just a one day reprieve and the hiccups started all over again. But thanks to a procedure last week, it seems Jennifer's hiccups are finally gone. The Florida doctor who cured her says the credit goes to an ear implant that is normally used to treat back pain.

Three small needles and a miniature nerve stimulator were inserted in her ear. The device is based on acupuncture and is usually used to relax nerves in chronic pain patients.

"The concept is that the ear is a really a portal to the entire nervous system. There are specific nerves in the ear lobe which will end up connecting to any particular part of the body," said Dr. Rick Sponaugle who treated Jennifer.

"At first when I had it on, it was kind of scary, but after my hiccups stopped it was a relief," said Jennifer Mee, who couldn't stop hiccupping. 

Doctors say the device is relaxing Jennifer's spastic diaphragm, which is causing her hiccups. It seems to have worked. Jennifer has been hiccup free for more than a week after trying several doctors, dozens of medicines, and hundreds of home remedies.

The device is called an "I-S three" and it is FDA approved.

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