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Device Helps Drop Foot Patients Walk Again

In case you missed it on NewsChannel 11 at 5 this week, I think this bears repeating. New technology is helping stroke patients walk comfortably again.

Many illnesses or injuries can leave a patient dragging one foot when they walk, but here's whats new. Made by a company called Bioness Inc., the Ness l 300 is a device that straps around the leg that is dragging a foot and though wireless communication, it sends electrical stimulation to the nerve that controls the muscles in that leg.

In fact, these electrical impulses are so precise that the movement is timed, the patient can increase speed or even run if they want to. This breakthrough technology will help not only stroke patients, but many others facing an illness or injury that leaves them with a drop foot when they walk. 

"Almost anybody with any kind of central nervous system injury like MS, strokes, spinal cord injury. This can take people from not being able to walk or only being able to walk short distances to being able to walk long distances and having a pretty dang normal gait. It's incredible," says Dr. Roger Wolcott, of Covenant Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. 

Dr. Wolcott says Covenant Health System is one of just two places in the country offering the Ness L 300 at this time.

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