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Bod Pod

Ever heard of the Bod Pod? Some baseball and NFL teams have used them for years. But now some clinics and even some gyms are making it available to the general public.

The Bod Pod is a device that measures body fat. Unlike a scale, which just gives you a number in pounds, the Bod Pod can tell the difference between a pound of muscle or a pound of fat. Clients step inside wearing a swimsuit and cap. 

"I think it's very important so it really showed me what my goals, what they need to be and where I need to go," said Melissa Meadors, a gym owner.

"For me, I'm trying to gain weight, but clean weight, lean muscle mass," said Mickey Kostelnik, who uses Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod fills with air and computerized pressure sensors determine how much air the body displaces. It takes less than five minutes and reveals your percentage of fat with an accuracy of within two percent. Then, that data is entered into a computer which also measures the person's flexibility and strength.

For people who want to lose, the score can tell you what level you need to be exercising to burn the maximum amount of fat you want to burn. I can't find this in the Lubbock area yet. But when the Bod Pod gets here, let me know and we'll spread the word and maybe use Abner to climb inside and test it.

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