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Consider This... Viewers Comment on Red Light Cameras

This week we look back at some of the feedback from one of my recent editorials. If you missed it, I pointed out that Lubbock City Council will still move forward with the red light camera program despite a study saying it wouldn't even pay for itself. This proving what I've suspected all along. The safety of drivers is taking a back seat to money grubbing city leaders.

Here is what some of you had to say:

You are being honest, impartial, and enlightening the citizens of Lubbock with the true facts of our council's decision making.  It is time for the citizens to open their eyes and live in a realistic world of how their tax money is spent and sometimes wasted.  Without the good reporting of KCBD and your comments, many citizens would not have any idea the city's issues are not being handled appropriately.
Sincerely, Debbie

James wrote: You're exactly right, Dan Jackson.  The red light cameras are just a money making scheme.  It's like the lottery.  It's a way to tax people and expect them to be happy to be taxed.

Randy says: Keep up the good work Dan Jackson.  Maybe one of these days our city council will listen to the citizens.  If not, Election Day will come. 

Paula wrote: The city is so money hungry they refuse to let the issue go. The city should admit they made a huge mistake.

How about this comment from Troy: As a city we should continue to be more cautious on the Red Light situation and make it less economical for the City Council, but the sad thing is they will come up with another way for the citizens of Lubbock Texas to pay for the over spending that seems to happen too often.

Finally a comment from Ronnie: Your latest comments on the red light cameras were straight to the point. It is all about the money.

I also want to post some dissenting opinion here so if you feel strongly either way, let me know.

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