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HealthWise at 5 From 2.1

  • Vitamin Advice

Especially during cold and flu season, many people take huge doses of Vitamin C, but before you swallow another pill, here's a healthy reminder about overdoing it with vitamins. Water soluble vitamins, like Vitamin C and B are relatively harmless if you take more than the recommended daily requirement, because they're excreted. The New England Journal of Medicine warns that fat soluble vitamins like A,D,E, and K in excess are a different matter. Instead they are absorbed by the body's fat cells and can saturate, causing tissue damage.

  • Better Allergy Medicine

Allergy medications don't do all they should to relieve your symptoms. That's the conclusion of a recent survey of Allergists, and primary care physicians across the country. The majority of them agreed that while current medications do offer some relief, there is considerable room for improvement. Many of the doctors said they had to prescribe additional treatments, including eye drops and nasal sprays, because the primary allergy medication fell short. Allergies affect more than 40 million Americans.

  • Baby Safety Gadgets

Experts say more than six and a half million kids are injured in the home each year, but there are some simple and inexpensive ways to protect them. For a few dollars, you can pick up things like outlet covers and appliance locks at most hardware stores. While you're there grab a tool or tackle box for a simple way to lock up medicines. For a few more dollars, the new Babyvue Video Mirror lets you keep an eye on a rear-facing baby in the car, and when the warm weather hits, don't forget the safety turtle alarm that sounds of a child falls into your pool.

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