The Flavor Wave: Does It Work?

The Flavor Wave: Does It Work?

Rosemary lemon chicken, that's what's cookin' in this edition of Does It Work.

We're not only putting Eveline Hallgren's cooking skills to the test, but this rather big cooking contraption, it's called the Flavor Wave deluxe. It claims it can cut your cooking time in half. As Eveline's rubbing down the birds, I am trying to figure out, Does It Work?

The Flavor Wave has a control top. You can set four different levels that will automatically set a time and temperature. But we're cooking this bird for an hour on 400 degrees so we can use the control top to customize what we need. After we finished the set-up, you just push start to get it started.

An infrared light comes on when you start it. It is the heating element inside the Flavor Wave. We noticed the element was close to the top of the chicken so it started cooking really fast.

We also put another chicken in Eveline's regular oven for the same amount of time.

"Since we have to wait for an hour, would you like some tea?," asked Eveline.  I took her up on her offer!

We had our tea, but got back to work in no time.  "Hey, it's browning!", said Eveline.

The directions suggest to flip the chicken halfway into its cooking time. "Let me get a flipidy flopper," that is what Eveline called tongs. So we flipped it and started the Flavor Wave again.

Thirty minutes go by and the oven goes off, it has been an hour.  But our thermometer says it was not ready yet.

"I don't want to feed my friends raw chicken," said Eveline.

The one in the Flavor Wave wasn't done either after an hour either. So, we popped both in for 15 more minutes.

Here's the results:

1 hour and 15 minutes later, the chicken in the Flavor Wave was fully cooked.

1 hour and 50 minutes, the chicken in the regular oven was fully cooked. It cut the cooking time nearly in half, but close.

"Here, grab a fork. We got to taste it don't we?", said Eveline.

"Of course!", I said, "What do you think?"

"I think it's delicious," I said.

But the chicken in the oven, "No, it's not done. It probably could stand another 15 minutes in the oven," said Eveline.

She says the Flavor Wave works. She personally feels it won't work for her because the product is bulky and her kitchen is small.

"I've got a bread maker there, microwave here, I got a steamer.  I have a lot of appliances," she said.

But all in all,  this Flavor Wave Deluxe does exactly what it claims it can do!  It works!

You're going to pay $116 for it.  We found ours online here.

You can also cook pork, hamburgers, sausage, and veggies in it.  It comes with a book of different things you could try and it claims to be a healthier way to cook because all the fat drops to the bottom catcher.

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