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Vaccine to Keep Skin Cancer Away

Promising news for patients with skin cancer. A shot after surgery may direct the body's immune system to attack cancer cells and keep the skin cancer from ever coming back. This is a result of 40 years of study by Dr. Donald Morton at John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Morton developed the vaccine. Now, he says tissue samples and records from 30,000 patients prove that the vaccine is working. Dr. Morton explains the results: "There is a doubling of survival of patients that have received the vaccine as compared to those that did not."

Dr. Morton also says that he still needs more evidence before the vaccine can get FDA approval. But right now, 45 medical centers across the United States are wrapping up their clinical studies, so Dr. Morton is hoping that all those results together will be encouraging enough to win FDA approval of a first ever skin cancer vaccine in two years.

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