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Flu May Cause Heart Attack

When you think about risk factors for a heart attack you usually think about clogged arteries.

Now, there is more evidence that the flu can be an another culprit. Not just because of the toll that illness takes on the body, but the time of year that people suffer from the flu.

Cardiologist Malissa Wood says she's not surprised that heart attacks would go up when flu season peaks.

"The flu usually occurs in the winter months so there are the other factors that go along with that, shoveling snow, being out in cold weather, people staying inside and not feeling as well, increased depression. All those things can lead to increasing the risk of dying from heart disease," Dr. Malissa J. Wood said.  

Also, when a person goes to the doctor with the flu, other potential problems may be missed. That's why this study proves how important it is that people with heart disease get a flu shot every year.

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