How to Identify an Xcel Energy Worker

How to Identify an Xcel Energy Worker

Ask to see a company I.D. if someone on your property claims to be working for Xcel Energy, regardless of the work being performed. If the person cannot show you an I.D., ask him or her to leave and return only with proper identification. If you have questions about someone claiming to work for Xcel Energy, please call our Customer Contact Center at (800) 895-4999.

All Xcel Energy employees and most contractors who perform work for us carry company I.D. cards.

Typical examples of situations that require a utility worker to enter your home:

Natural gas-related issues
Appliance checks
Meter readings/checks
These situations are usually a response to a request that you initiated, like asking us to check out a suspected gas odor or leak, or to service appliances or check your meter. You would usually initiate the visit, or it could be a routine meter-reading visit.

On occasion, we may ask for access into your home, but not in response to a request you have placed. This could occur if there's been a gas outage in your neighborhood and we need indoor access to re-light the pilot lights on your gas appliances, or to perform a gas leak test.

Some situations may require that we enter your yard:

To restore power associated with an electric outage in your neighborhood (our work is usually   performed on poles or metal padmounted cabinets)
To change out or restore an outside meter that was temporarily shut off
To locate and/or dig for buried utilities
To trim trees away from power lines that run through your property.

We encourage you to always ask for proof of identification.

Source: Xcel Energy