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The Effects of Red Wine on Aging

Now, even the National Institutes of Health is opening a bottle of red wine.

A recent study found that a natural compound in red wine, called resveratrol, had a significant impact on the health of aged and overweight mice, even preventing heart disease and diabetes in some of those study groups.

Since that study was published, consumers have been going crazy over supplements that contain resveratrol.

So now, the Institute on Aging says remember, mice and men are different, and that mega doses of resveratrol haven't even been tested yet in humans and could be harmful.

"I think it is beyond naive to think that taking something like this as a nutritional supplement is a worthwhile expenditure of money at this point. My advice would be save your money, get a nice bottle of burgundy and enjoy a glass or two with dinner," said Dr. Stuart Seides, a cardiologist.

The NIH says also remember that supplements are not regulated by the government, like drugs are in this country. And when you take mega-doses, you could be asking for even more trouble.

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