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The iSlice: Does It Work?

It's not you slice or we slice, its iSlice, a ceramic blade that never rusts and stays sharp. They claim with this product, no more scissors are needed. For five bucks, Does It Work?

With the package, you do need a pair of scissors to open it. As soon as I got it out of the package, I inspected the blade.  It was so tiny I could barely see it up close.

All of the products I get in the mail or buy at the store come in this thick plastic. These packages could be considered dangerous if you're not careful.

When you use the product, you have to make sure the product is flush to the surface you want to cut.  After just one slice, the package wasn't even cut.  I have to go over it several times until it was cut open.

Next, I tried to open the iSlice package it came in. The plastic wasn't as tough as the last one. Wouldn't you know, the package opened after the first slice. The iSlice worked to outline the product on another package. I was able to get that one out with no problem. Then I turned the iSlice to the classified ads, no problem there either, it cut with precision and ease.

For my final test, I even tried to see if the blade was so sharp it would cut my skin. Again, the blade was only meant to cut objects and not human skin.

I think the iSlice works!

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